Gao’s | Wax-Balms

In Chinese herbal medicine, Gao refers to a topical herbal medicinal. This includes ointments, lotions, waxes, creams and balms. After experimenting with a range of mediums, my favourite is a blend of sesame oil and beeswax that I refer to as a wax-balm. This combination creates a texture that is smooth, easy to apply and glides effortlessly onto the skin. This ease of application is important when treating skin conditions, because they can be painful, itchy, sore, have an uneven surface, broken skin or be weeping fluid. Just as importantly, the wax-balm does not melt in your bathroom or bag.

Sesame oil is Zhi Ma You and has its own medicinal qualities. In the Chinese herbal materia medica it is sweet and cool, and is understood to remove toxicity, promote tissue regeneration and moisten dryness. It has been used alone to treat sores, boils, tinea, ulcerations and chapped skin. Beeswax is Feng La and is sweet and slightly warm. It is understood to promote wound healing and tissue regeneration and alleviate pain. It is easy to see why this combo is a great choice when treating skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, urticaria, dermatitis and tinea.
We have four wax-balms available to treat a range of skin conditions. Each one is infused with a different combination of Chinese herbs to treat different symptoms such as heat, dryness, scaling, burning, swelling, itch and pain. We even one have one for relaxation!
Drop in and pick up a brochure or make a booking to discuss your skin condition with a Chinese medicine practitioner to ensure you get the product that is right for you.


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