26 May 2020 - Gua Sha is used to induce the action of collagen building cells in the layer of the skin, improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and relieve facial muscle tension. Rose quartz is one of the most used crystals used for healing. The energetic vibration of rose quartz is that of unconditional love, and what can make anyone more beautiful than the feeling of unconditional love. Rose quartz releases negative emotions and toxic energies and encourages the feeling of inner beauty and self confidence allowing your inner light to shine. To induce the healing energy of rose quartz try meditating before using your gua sha stone and see the difference for yourself. 

1. Remove your make up and clean your skin. Apply oil to your face to ensure the gua sha stone can glide smoothly over your skin. Oils we recommend are JoJoba, Argan oil, Hemp Seed oil or Rose Hip Seed oil as these oils will not block your pores and form blackheads. 

2. Begin by using two fingers to separate any fine lines or wrinkles you may have and using the edge of your tool move the stone swiftly back and forth over the lines, you can do this over two or three lines at a time if they are close to each other. Stop once a slight redness appears and move onto the next area. This helps to activate the collagen building cells that will assist in repairing the lines. 

3. Place a flat edge of the stone on the inner edge of your eyebrow and lift the brow up and out towards the outer edge of your eyebrow five times. This helps to lift the skin of your eyes to assist with drooping eyelids and leave your eyes appearing wider. 

4. Use the flat edge of the stone to glide upwards along your forehead to relieve tension in the muscles and improving texture. 

5. Take the flat edge of the stone and run it from the inner side of the bone underneath your eye towards you ear.  This helps to reduce puffiness under the eyes by reducing fluid retention in this area.

6. Use the same technique and direction on your cheeks starting from the corner of your nostril for five strokes and then again from the corner of your mouth, upwards and outwards to smooth the skin of your cheeks and improve the texture of your skin. 

7. Take two fingers and stretch the skin of your upper lip. Using the edge of your gua sha stone swiftly move the tip back and forth over your upper lip to smooth fine lines and bring blood flow to the lips for a fuller pout. 

8. Turn the stone on its side and place the curve of the stone around the curve or the chin and jaw then drag the stone along the jaw stopping and holding just under the ear to firm the jowls.

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