Laugh lines, thinking wrinkles, angry look lines, are-you-kidding-me-lines or crow's feet. Do you have them too? I have to say that I actually really like them on other people. The beautiful lines around your eyes or on your nose are actually very cute. Look at this beautiful woman in the photo. I mean how gorgeous is she? But I have them myself, and then there is actually nothing to laugh about. Funny huh, how that works?

According to Chinese medicine, outer beauty is based on your inner balance; our face reflects our internal health. Again when our energy has the right balance, we look fresh and healthy. But we all get older and after the age of 20 our face starts to leave traces. And I want to tell you, that is very normal. Unfortunately, one person gets it a bit faster while the other gets wrinkles a bit deeper.

I'm not going to tell you that you have to do something about it, but if you are standing in front of the mirror every day and you can no longer manage NOT to see those wrinkles and lines, don't hesitate and step into the clinic when you are in the neighbourhood, because we also offer cosmetic acupuncture.

Cosmetic acupuncture is a safe and natural way to promote healthy, smooth, glowing skin. We use very thin needles in certain areas of the face. Specific points are chosen to promote the circulation and movement of energy in the body. In addition, a number of very thin needles are placed directly into the wrinkles. In this way we try to stimulate your collagen production exactly where it is needed to fill in the wrinkles. 

I mean how cool would it be if you still have some wrinkles, but they are no longer as deep and present when you look in the mirror every time? 🙂