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Our method

At Altona Acupuncture your health concerns are viewed through the lens of Traditional Chinese medicine combined with knowledge of western medical science to provide integrated drug free health care

Our practitioners take the time to listen to you and support you with your health concerns. 

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Meet the team of Altona Acupuncture

We have four enthusiastic doctors of Chinese Medicine, registered acupuncturists and a naturopath working in the clinic. All warm and caring practitioners dedicated to improving the health and physical condition of their patients. 

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The Latest

Long Yan Rou & Bai He Tea herbs: Flesh of the longan fruit and lily bulbGet that kettle boiling, grab a cuppa and enjoy your tea.  This lovely tea is for anyone with an overactive mind that is preoccupied with worry or too focused on work and can help lull you...

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Hayfever And Chinese Medicine As we come into Spring, the sun is starting to shine once more, the trees are beginning to grow their leaves, and flowers are starting to bloom. It’s such a beautiful & joyful time of year, where we start to feel more active and our...

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Menopause is the “Second Spring”

Menopause is the “Second Spring”

In Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), menopause is called the “Second Spring”. It represents the
renewal of energy and opportunities as there is a shift from fertility and reproduction, to conserving
and nourishing the self.

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Post-partum thyroid flares

Post-partum thyroid flares

Post-Partum thyroid flares If you have a thyroid condition, you may be aware of the chances of having a symptom flare up post-partum, however this can happen to any woman even if they have never experienced thyroid dysregulation before.  Post-partum thyroid flares (or...

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Three Fragrant Herbs

3 Fragrant Herbs These are 3 of the most fragrant herbs in the Materia Medica; Angelica root (Bai Zhi), Chinese mint (Bo He) and patchouli (Huo Xiang).Bai Zhi can open the orifices of the nose and sinuses and alleviate headaches. Bo He assists in opening the orifices...

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Rice Congee

Rice Congee

WHATS IS CONGEE? Congee is a traditional Chinese dish of rice that is cooked with much more liquid than usual to achieve a porridge like consistency. It is Asia’s oat porridge equivalent, and also a dish that I personally grew up with, often served for breakfast, at...

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*Please note that while we endeavour to be available at these times, there may be occasions where the clinic in unstaffed during these hours. Please call 03 9315 9196 or email us and we will ensure that we find a time for your appointment.*