Long Yan Rou & Bai He Tea

herbs: Flesh of the longan fruit and lily bulb
Get that kettle boiling, grab a cuppa and enjoy your tea. 

This lovely tea is for anyone with an overactive mind that is preoccupied with worry or too focused on work and can help lull you into a sweet restorative sleep. The Longan creates a taste that will remind you of honey, while the lily bulb prevents the tea from becoming too sweet.

Longan is sweet and warm in nature while Lily bulb is sweet yet slightly bitter and slightly cold. Both herbs enter the heart meridian where they respectively act as a tonic for blood and yin for the heart.

Blood and yin form the material substance that the spirit roots itself in. The spirit (what the Chinese refer to as ‘Shen’), refers to the mental-emotional-spiritual state of a person. This includes mental activity, thought, emotions, consciousness and memory.  It also captures such concepts as our ‘soul’ and vitality.

During the day the heart propels blood and yin throughout the body for nourishment and so our spirit can travel through every organ and tissue. At night, our spirit enters the heart where it resides and is protected while we sleep.

If blood and yin are deficient, there is not enough material substance to hold the spirit within the heart when our mind and body are meant to be relaxed, soothed and restored.  When this happens there will be an inability to fall asleep due to overthinking, restlessness or irritability. This can then cause reduced mental clarity, forgetfulness and anxiety throughout the day.

This tea is a delicious way to ensure you have sufficient blood and yin and a safe place for your spirit to reside at night, helping you to feel your most rested, balanced and effective.


To take: Add 3-4 dried longan and 3-4 lily bulbs to a pot, Add boiling water, let steep for 5 minutes. Sip frequently. 

Contraindications: Strictly not for use during pregnancy.