Post-Partum thyroid flares

If you have a thyroid condition, you may be aware of the chances of having a symptom flare up post-partum, however this can happen to any woman even if they have never experienced thyroid dysregulation before. 

Post-partum thyroid flares (or postpartum thyroiditis) is inflammation of the thyroid gland up to 12 months post birth of your little one. 

The signs and symptoms you may experience include: 

-    Intolerance to warm or cool temperatures 
-    Fatigue 
-    Weight gain or sudden weight loss
-    Feeling depressed or anxious 
-    Digestive changes such as diarrhoea or constipation
-    Changes in heart rhythm (slowing or rapid heartbeat) 

These changes can be temporary, however there is a higher risk of developing thyroid dysfunction in the form of an overactive or underactive thyroid. 

Why do post-partum thyroid flares occur?
During pregnancy and birth your body is undergoing significant physiological changes and your thyroid also changes during this period. When you are pregnant, your thyroid increases in size to match the increased function for you and your growing baby. The hormonal shifts you experience are also impacted by your thyroid.  Post birth, the rush of female hormones can trigger your thyroid to become inflamed which can impact the production of thyroid hormones leading to symptoms (AKA a flare). 

How to manage a thyroid flare holistically?
Our aim holistically is to manage symptoms and settle your thyroid using steps such as: 

-    Look at optimising sleep 
-    Eating a nutrient dense diet full of thyroid rich nutrients 
-    Avoiding food intolerances that can exacerbate thyroid inflammation 
-    Managing stress using supplements and stress management techniques to keep your mind and body relaxed 
-    Looking for nutrient deficiencies or other causes that could be exacerbated your inflammation levels 

We also would want to lower your risk of future thyroid disease by nourishing your thyroid long term. 

Nat, our naturopath has a passion for supporting thyroid dysregulation and optimising your thyroid health, please reach out if you feel you need additional support.