herbs: Bo He Ye, Ju Hua and Gou Qi Zi
A great combination to brighten the eyes!

Get that kettle boiling, grab a cuppa and enjoy your tea!

Bo He and Ju Hua are acrid, cool and light in nature, dispersing and aromatic. These herbs belong to the cooling and releasing category. They are said to said to 'clear wind heat from the head and face', alleviating red sore itchy eyes and scratchy throat. A very refreshing way to manage hay fever symptoms. 

Gou Qi Zi
Bo He and Ju hua have an affinity with the Liver and also gently 'move qi'- especially before the period if there are symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome such as irritability, sore breasts and distension. 

Gou Qi Zi nourishes the blood and yin of the liver, lung and kidneys for sore dry eyes when we are tired and burnt out and our blood is unable to nourish the eyes.

'Clear, light and floating' combined with “calming and nourishing”

To take: 
Add 2-3 teaspoons to a teapot, add boiling water, let steep for 5 minutes. Sip throughout the day. 

Caution- Inhibits lactation so not suitable for nursing mothers.




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