26 May 2020 - by Aleisha Rasheed, Doctor of Chinese Medicine & Natalie Gibson, Naturopath.

The Altona Acupuncture fertility program offers the special benefit of having a team of practitioners working together to support you. Fertility is complex, involving optimizing your overall health, assessing your environment, removing stagnation or blockages, while also considering your partners health to improve your chances of conceiving. Having a team of practitioners that work together is a way to ensure no stone is unturned. In this fertility program you will be personally guided by an acupuncturist (Aleisha) and a naturopath (Natalie) to optimize your conception. Natalie and Aleisha are two professionals who collaborate closely in this program and pool their knowledge. They support you as a team and work together with you towards a healthy pregnancy. 

Consults & treatments
You start with 2 acupuncture treatments and 2 naturopathic consults. As a naturopath and acupuncturist, we take a holistic approach. Which means we look at the whole body and you as unique individual. We ask about your medical history, but also about your family history. We look at diet, your sleep pattern, your physical activity, in which environment you spend your regular day, your stress factors and the like. 

Naturopathy focuses on nutrition and lifestyle advice because good diet, stress management, exercise and herbal medicine promote fertility and lead to healthier pregnancies. An acupuncturist assess your unique body type to promote optimal health while working with the phases of your menstrual cycle to encourage healthy egg development, facilitate ovulation and prepare the uterus for implantation. 

Fertility guide
In addition, you will get your own fertility guide with topics to help you understand your body and topics that are crucial to your successful treatment. Knowledge is power and you can arm yourself with the information you need to get pregnant. We are excited to work with you towards a healthy pregnancy. The information in this booklet is based on all the things we will cover in your consultations. We can give you a lot of information in our sessions and this book is a reference for you so that you don’t suffer from information overload. This fertility guide also includes a workbook. In this part we will process all your results so that we can make up a personal guidance plan for you so we can work with you towards your healthy pregnancy.

Costs $ 330
Saving $104

Value fertility program:
Initial acupuncture $ 95 (now for $ 75)
Return acupuncture $ 85 (now for $ 75)
Initial naturopathy $ 120 (now for $ 75)
Return naturopathy $ 85 (now for $ 75)
Fertility guide $ 49 (now for $ 30)
Total value $ 434 (now for $330)

image: Andrea Jaccarino / Freeimages.com