26 May 2020 - We are so excited to tell you that Nat (naturopath) and I developed our own organic tea / broth for your immunity. With this broth/tea you enjoy the benefits of Chinese medicine and naturopathic medicine in one cup. It's called Ying Qi and it is delicious! You can buy it from now on in the clinic.

The Immunity Broth was created to support and nourish the immune system.With herbs such as shiitake mushroom (Dong Gu), liquorice (Gan Cao) and ginger (Gan Jiang) among others, the broth is used to stimulate an underactive immune system and reduce inflammation.

The broth can be used as a preventative to support your immune system during the cooler months when colds and flus become more common, or it can be used when you get hit down by illness to nourish, rehydrate and support.

70% of the immune system lies within the lymphatic tissue of the digestive system so by providing nourishment via the digestive system we are able to nourish, protect, strengthen and care for the immune system whilst making a delicious broth.

Nat (naturopath) and I (acupuncturist) obviously love herbal medicine. The easiest way to incorporate herbs into our own lives and the lives of your loved ones is via tea or broth. Sitting down to a warming cup of tea or broth is like giving your insides a warm hug of nourishment. You can feel the benefits immediately! Not only is the practice of sitting down for a cup soothing and relaxing, but there are also the benefits of the herbs on our internal health.

Shiitake (Dong Gu), Ginger (Gan Jiang), Cinnamon (cassia) (Gui Zhi), Green Cardamon (Dou Kou), Black Pepper (Hu Jiao), Licorice (Gan Cao), Fennel Seeds, (Xiao Hui Xiang), Star Anise (Da Hui Xiang), Clove (Ding Xiang)

How to buy?
We sell the Ying Qi Immunity Broth in the Clinic.
1 package (4x 15gr) for $ 30.