According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) everything is connected and in perfect harmony. This is reflected in the rhythm of day and night, the alternation of the seasons and the functioning of people. Now that Autumn has arrived, the element metal is taking the lead. The element metal stands for letting go and receiving. When your metal element is in balance, you are decisive, strong and vital, but when your element is out of balance you can feel sad and this can also lead to an inability to create structure, among other things. Like the trees drop their leaves, because they become unneeded. It is time for you to drop bad habits, let things go and keep what is right for you. Be decisive and think about your real needs.

Metal is a conductor and makes sure you're getting things in order; it makes you think clearly and helps you make good decisions.

The metal element is connected to the lungs and large intestine. Your intestine makes sure you get rid of waste and your lungs breathe in new oxygen, which at the same time represents new energy. When your metal element is weak these organs will be affected. For example, when you think it's hard to cope with change you can suffer from constipation because your intestines are literally blocked by the disturbance. Or when you repressed grief you can experience asthma symptoms or you can get different kinds of skin issues (this is related to the lungs).

When your metal element is strong and in balance, you are able to process your emotions, we can feel sorrow and it's easier to control and organize things in daily life. You are less vulnerable for coughs and colds and your skin and hair looks beautiful.

There are always some tips to keep your metal element in balance and to get through Autumn strong without too many colds and coughs.

1. Food

You can feed your body with what the earth is producing at that moment. There's a reason why different foods grow in different seasons; your body has different needs when the seasons change. So use local seasonal vegetables and seasonal fruits as much as possible. Try to eat foods that are easy for your gut to digest; avoid raw foods and cook your vegetables.

2. Water

Drinking plenty of water is - like always - a big plus. Preferably ambient water instead of ice water. Staying hydrated is super important, it will assist your dominant organs of this season.

3. Meditation
Because meditating clears your mind and gives you energy. As autumn is the season to let things go and receive new energy, please meditate. Just a couple of minutes makes sure you feel better.

Ooh and last but not least… give yourself an acupuncture session 🙂