17 September 2020 - | Isn't it funny? Talking about sex and making jokes about sex when all is well is easy.  But what if your sex drive or libido is low? This is something we often don't speak about, which is strange because a low libido is very common and often caused by hormonal or emotional problems. 

A low libido isn't determined by the amount of times you have sex in a week. Everyone is different, everyone has different values. But it becomes a problem if your own sexual interest decreases and it bothers you, or if the interest level of you and your partner does not match (anymore).

In Traditional Chinese Medicine low libido is often seen as an imbalance of kidney energy. The kidneys regulate hormones and sex organs by balancing Yin and Yang. Like always, these two need to be in harmony and are constantly looking for the right balance. Yang is associated with masculine energy, it is active, energetic, warming and is the desire to initiate sex. Yin is seen as feminine energy, it is slower, softer and cooler and represents endurance and performance.

Good sex requires interplay of Yin and Yang. For example; Too much Yang may make sex fast and hectic. Too much yin may make sex slow and lacklustre. 

If you are concerned about your libido or sex drive, think about acupuncture.  We can help refuel your kidneys and build your energy to increase your libido. 

Image: designed by Milkos, Canva