herbs: Mei Gui Hua - Rose buds
Get that kettle boiling, grab a cuppa and enjoy your tea. 

Rosebuds are sweet, slightly bitter and warming in nature.
This herb belongs to the category of medicinal known as the 'Regulate Qi' Herbs. Traditionally Mei Gui Hua is used in formulas to promote the free movement of qi (the body's vital energy force'), it relieves qi/energy that has become stuck in the body and it harmonises the flow of blood, helping to relieve feelings of tightness or tension from emotional stress or upset.

Commonly used in formulas when working with Gynecological conditions where there is a need to gently encourage blood flow and restore balance to the body's energy dynamics, as traditionally it was used to regulate and harmonise the menstrual cycle. It is also lovely to use when supporting mental health conditions such as anxiety and mild depression as it is wonderfully soothing and uplifting. As if they couldn't sound lovelier, rosebuds are also rich in antioxidants as well as vitamins C, A & E which promote healthy, glowing skin. You will also find it very soothing to throw a handful of rosebuds in your bath and relax in the warm water with the scent of rose.


To take: Place 3-4 buds in a pot, add boiling water and let steep.
Cautions- Not suitable for indigestion during pregnancy



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