14 September 2020 - Just look around you, the seeds are sprouting, coloured flowers and green are everywhere. Not only the plants and animals, but we are also coming out of hibernation. In Winter we saved our energy and made plans which we can realise during Spring.

Traditional Chinese medicine suggests that there are five elements in nature that cycle in phases through the seasons and also through our organs: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The Chinese see these five elements as the foundation of the universe.During every season a different element dominates; during Spring Wood dominates. 

When your Wood element is in balance your Qi (life energy) is moving (outwards) during Spring. You want to start working on your plans that you have made in Winter. That's why we often feel energised and excited when Spring arrives.

But when your Wood element is not in balance, you can suffer from neck, back pain or headaches. Mentally, this can also have a significant impact on you; you can feel permanently angry and frustrated. Due to the craziness of COVID-19, it is absolutely not surprising that many people feel frustrated at the moment and suffer from pain in their back and neck or headaches. We simply cannot realise our plans, we are being blocked. 

When the restrictions are eased, it could be that a burden literally and figuratively falls off your shoulders (re back and neck pain: interesting saying, isn't it?).

But until then, here are some tips to get through Spring as energetically as possible. 

The days are getting longer, the sun is shining and we can go outside for an hour longer than last week. An hour of sweating a day ensures a better removal of waste products, which in turn gives you more energy. And as soon as we are open again, we can also help you with the disposal of this through acupuncture.

We often talk about the Chinese Organ clock. This is the most natural way to read the time and allow your body to function optimally. From 11 pm to 3 am your gallbladder and liver are the most active organs. (read blog about what actually happens between those hours) But believe me when I say it is so important to actually sleep these hours each night!

During Spring you notice that everything around you becomes greener, it is also a good idea to focus on green foods such as green leafy veggies. They provide rejuvenation of the liver and liver cleansing. Think parsley, arugula, and spinach. But also sour citrus fruits such as lemons and grapefruit help your liver to move the Qi more smoothly.

image: Irina Iriser, Canva