18 August 2020 - SUGAR
In a nutshell, unrefined sugars are the natural and unprocessed sugars which also contain all kinds of minerals, fibers and vitamins. Your body needs these nutrients to digest sugar properly and for a smoothly digestion. In contrast, the refined sugars are the sugars that have been processed. During the production process, all fiber, vitamins and minerals have been removed, which basically leaves you with empty sweet grain. You can imagine that refined sugars have a major influence on blood sugar levels. They also cause deficiencies in zinc, magnesium and vitamins, because of the digestion process of sugar. You use your body's own reserves and you use the vitamins and minerals from the reserves to break down the sugar.

Common complaints due to these deficiencies are a lower resistance, high blood pressure, inflammation and a disturbed immune system. Other complaints are fatigue and lack of energy, increased cholesterol and gas formation in the intestines.

Enough reasons to eat sugar free more often, isn't it? But we all know that it is difficult to break a pattern with the same easy recipes every week or to skip the pot pasta sauce which is filled with refined sugars. And this gave us a great idea; why don't we do this together! Nat, our naturopath, kicks off later this week with a sugar free recipe. We will share these through our stories on Instagram, and also will be posted on our website altonaacupuncture.com.

But we would also like to receive YOUR recipe which we can share through our channel. In this way we can motivate and inspire each other and stay in touch with each other. Also we would love to hear your thoughts about someone else's recipe; was it tasty? Did the kids eat without whinging?

We share each other's recipes and reactions and work together on a healthier lifestyle.

And what... if we bundle all these delicious dishes together so we create together our own sugar-free Altona cooking bundle from you and me and for you and me. We think that’s cool. 

So...Send us your sugar-free recipe for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. And don't forget to send us a photo of you with your dish too. You can send us your recipe simply by tagging us in your post or send it via Insta- or Fb Messenger or email us at hello@altonaacupuncture.com.

We can't wait to see and taste all your recipes 🙂

image: Mehaniq | Canva